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                Location: Home > Company Profile
                The company is located in east China sea coast of Zhejiang province taizhou coastal industrial zone , is within the territory of the expressway , yongtaiwen railway and airport , the traffic is very convenient .

                The company since its establishment in 1987 , the enterprise is in constant innovation and development , has passed ISO9001-2000 certification . National assets of 80 million yuan , existing factory building area of 25000 square meters , senior engineer 10 , all kinds of high and middle professional title of technical personnel more than 50 , professional personnel more than 200 . Now our company have mould workshop , die casting workshop , polishing workshop , finishing , such as workshops . Die workshop there is a large vertical gantry machining center , horizontal machining center , horizontal machining certer , carving machine , electric pulse , thread cutting , milling machines , large drilling machine , lathe and die manufacturing equipment ; Aluminum die casting workshop existing 160 t , 1250 t all kinds of cold type die casting machine 20 Taiwan; Finishing workshop existing vertical machining center more than 10 Tainwan , nc lathe more than 10 Taiwan , instrument lathe , bench drill , tap machine , the common and hydraulic presses and other 300 Taiwan , and equipped with X-ray flaw detector , three coordinate mapping discussion , spectrometer and inspection equipment , its purpose is to create good mould at the same time , more can guarantee product percent of pass , the pursuit of excellence .

                The company set mold development , manufacturing , die casting , finishing one-stop service . The main production gasoline engine , diesel engine housing , cylinder head components , automotive , motorcycle accessories , lamps and lanterns series .

                Taizhou Aoerkai aluminium Co.,Ltd.,sincerely welcome new and old customers to patronize .

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